Kafka's Doll

Inspired by an unproven myth, Kafka’s Doll is an animated short film that blends factual research, fiction, fantasy and myth into a single heart-warming story about loss.

When an ill Kafka meets a crying little girl in the park, he sets out to write her a letter a day in order to tell her all about her lost doll’s fictitious travels. He then comes back every single day to read her those letters, and in his quest to help her find a sense of personal resolution, he ends up finding his own in ways he couldn’t have previously imagined.
Kafka’s Doll is an upcoming independently produced computer animated short film directed by Bruno Simões. The story will be told as a smooth uninterrupted ride, following the Doll’s letters’ narration across different fantasy worlds, and interweaving them with the main story, which is set in the world of 1920s Berlin, where Franz Kafka lived with his girlfriend Dora Diamant, just a few months before his death. This film is a co-production between Studio Kimchi, Animanostra (PT) and WKND (SPA).

© 2021 Animanostra / WKND / Nu Boyana Portugal / Studio Kimchi

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