Zoey Oceans

Zoey, a stubborn girl with a contagious laugh, crosses the entire world in search of her father, following the trail of two thousand rubber ducks, aboard a peculiar vehicle that she built herself.

Format: 26 x 13’  Technique: 2D CGI
Target: 5-7 years old
Genre: Adventure, Comedy
Status: In development
Production: Studio Kimchi

It has been five years since the ship in which Zoey’s father was traveling disappeared in the high seas. Only the shipment of rubber ducks it was carrying remains. These ducklings have since been appearing in the most disparate places of the planet: from the Coral Sea to the Gobi desert! Although everyone has assumed that Curtis (Zoey’s father) will not return, Zoey has always kept her hopes alive. She believes that if the ducklings were swept away by the ocean currents, then her father may also be still alive somewhere. Why not? And when it comes to enthusiasm, no one beats Zoey.

© 2022 Studio Kimchi

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