Leopoldina was Continente's mascot for nearly two decades. Her films would be highly anticipated every Christmas by kids and grown-ups alike. Both Leopoldina and her song became synonymous with Christmas for quite a few different generations of Portuguese people. About a decade ago Leopoldina was replaced with Popota, a diva whose Christmas films also enjoyed great success amongst all generations. However, Leopoldina and her song "The Enchanted World of Toys" have been sorely missed since.
For this year's film, Fuel approached us with an ambitious idea, an over the top Superbowl inspired concert where Popota and Leopoldina share the stage and would be seen together for the first time ever singing Leopoldina's song, all part of a wish made by Popota during Continente’s 35th anniversary party.
This project demanded we designed and built two different sets and seventeen different characters, each seen in two completely different visual styles. We've also designed and built several props, as well as many different clothes variations for all the different characters. Since Leopoldina hadn’t been seen in almost ten years, we got the chance to update her design and improve her appeal, while keeping her unique and recognisable traits intact.
Client: Continente
Agency: Fuel
Production Company: Garage
Animation Studio: Studio Kimchi
Director: Bruno Simões
Executive Producer: Miguel Varela
Post Production Supervisors: Patricia Tavares, Beatriz Pereira
Music: Fred Ferreira (Nucleo Audio)
Sound Design: Indigo
Voice Over: Pedro Acabado
Creative Director: João Madeira
Copywriter: Rita Carmo
Art Director: Ruber Santos
Production Director: Pedro Silva
Audiovisual Producer: Vasco Pamplona
Account Director: Tita Martins
Account Executives: Catarina Anacleto, Madalena Menezes
Production Coordinator: Carlota Pou
Storyboard Artists: Aitor Herrero, Juanjo Surace, Regina Insenser
Character Designers: Julia Gallardo, Cristina Agenjo, Laura Portolés, Ignazio Acerenza, Markel Ramos
Matte Painting: Regina Insenser, Markel Ramos
Set Design: Raquel Costa
2D Animation
: Jorge Ribeiro
Character Modellers: Miguel Miranda, Estefania Péres Rodriguez, Jorge Alonso
Set Modeller: Estefania Péres Rodriguez
Texture Artists: Eva de Prado, Ignazio Acerenza
Grooming Artists: Alex Mateo, Anna Reczynska
CG Generalists
: Brian Martinez, Ernest Sánches Rodriguez
FX: Willbert Alvares
Lighting: Eva Mateo, Juan Carlos Molina, Jose Manuel Garcia
Making Of
: Rodrigo Sevilla
Character Rigging: Nu Boyana Portugal, Ernest Sánches Rodriguez
Character Animation: Rocket Frames
Colour Grading: MPC London

@2020 Continente
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